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Thyroid health and Mental Health

A lot of what we talk about relates to how our conditions are not isolated to one body system (as many diagnoses and specialists might have us believe), but rather related to many systems at once. This is sometimes referred to as “woo woo.” Enter Kelly Brogan MD. Brogan is a:

-Cornell-tained MD

-MIT Trained MA BS in Cognitive Science

-ABPN Board-Certified Psychiatrist, with residency and time on faculty at NYU

-Board Certified Holistic Medicine and Psychosomatic Medicine practitioner

Have your attention?

She wrote an article called, “Thyroid: What’s mental health got to do with it?”

An excerpt:

Psychiatry is often positioned to slap Band-Aids on the festering unwashed wounds of the population. When these patients are told that they are “fine” or “treated” but they continue to feel unwell, they are sent to a psychiatrist, or started on psychotropics by a nonspecialist. Are many psych patients actual thyroid patients?

I urge you to make sure you’re getting care from a practitioner who understands this stuff. There are more and more good docs out there like Kelly, who aim to truly heal. If that’s what you want for yourself, why not partner with a doctor with the same goal?

If you’re specifically interested in more detail about the thyroid-mental health connections, she also has a great article here: “Thyroid Dysfunction and Treatment.”

You’ve got to admit it’s getting better,