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Leaky Gut, Arthritis, and Dietary Healing

WARNING: this post contains stylistic use of double negatives, and while it is not intended to raise the reader’s blood pressure, we cannot assume responsibility for any grammar-induced stress disorder flareups.

In my experience talking to MD’s about my arthritis and leaky gut, there tend to be 2 categories of responses:

1. “Oh, that’s interesting.” This generally means the good doctor sees my tinfoil hat, thinks it’s ugly, and wants no part of it. It is often followed by a blank look, sometimes tempered by a shrug and the phrase “if it’s working, keep doing it.”

2. Various versions of, “Does anybody still NOT know that?!” If you’re on this website, you might often have this thought yourself. Rest assured, plenty of people do “NOT know that,” and many of them are doctors. Your doctors. My doctors. Doctors in big, fancy metropolitan areas.

In reading this article, to which I return again and again, we meet some doctors. Each time I read it, I get angry at the doctor from camp #1. But you know what? We can be agents of making certain that “nobody NOT know that,” by first not “not knowing” it ourselves.

Witness the story of a boy in too much pain to go to soccer practice, who was put on a nasty drug called methotrexate by a doctor in camp #1, and the treatment protocol risk his parents took to make him better. May every future parent read this article, and not “not know” this forever.

Sure, n=1. Except when it=more of us.

Safety in numbers,