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Liver Support Home Remedy: Castor Oil Packs

What’s a traditional natural remedy used for everything from liver function to stress management? One that’s both:

-Low-risk (except during pregnancy/nursing) and

-Potentially high-reward (I’m not about to make any claims, man, but see for yourself)?

Give up?

Hint: it’s in the title of the post.

Jennifer at “20 Something Allergies and Counting Down” has this article about castor oil packs, which tells us:

1. Nobody knows how they work

2. There are some unproven guesses about how they work, that don’t seem totally crazy

3. They seem to work anyway for a lot of people, so maybe try em

Actually, the thing that excites me most is their purported ability to calm down the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system, and turn up the parasympathetic nervous system (which also gets turned on after meditation). Anything to rebalance that is a good thing in my book.

I’m gonna repeat the EXCEPT IF’s: if you’re pregnant/nursing/dealing with a serious liver condition without the help of a doctor, then hold off. Castor oil’s pretty powerful stuff (as in, it has been used historically to induce labor), and errabody wants you and baby to be safe. And if you have a serious lier issue, please be under the care of a doctor who’s closely monitoring your condition.