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  • Harvard and Mt Sinai researchers Warn Us About Toxins

    You heard it here first (but only if you don’t subscribe to The Atlantic. I’m under the impression they’re kind of a big deal). Scientists, specifically medical school deans and professors at Harvard and Mt Sinai, are sounding the alarm about the chemicals we breathe, touch, eat, and drink, which they say cause “not just lower IQ’s, but ADHD and

  • Rachel Naomi Remen on Relating to Sickness and Finding Healing

    “In our particular culture, of course, anything that’s intangible– the soul, the intuition, the heart, are repressed. And when a person becomes ill, often they need their wholeness in order to recover and they may need to reclaim for themselves the things that they have been taught are not valuable. These things may be the very things that are needed for the healing”

  • ACT UP Oral History Project

    A collection of interviews with surviving members of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, New York presenting comprehensive, complex, human, collective, and individual pictures of people of all races and classes that have transformed entrenched cultural ideas about homosexuality, sexuality, illness, health care, civil rights, art, media, and the rights of patients.

  • Jonathan Eisen at TEDMED – The Health of Our Microbiome is Vital to Protecting us From Disease

    Humans are teeming ecosystems of microorganisms. Millions of genes of microbes make up our bodys’ “microbiome” and microbial diversity differs significantly between people. In this talk, Eisen explains how microbial ecosystem balance affects our health.